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Automated Reduced Error Predictive Analytics

Please click on the links below to access Thomas Ball's 2011 Independent Research Report, Dan Rice's Executive White Paper, JSM 2008 Proceedings Paper or 2009 Invited Address to the Classification Society. These documents represent our most recent publicly available communications on Reduced Error Logistic Regression (RELR). If you would also wish to receive any of our older presentations or papers on RELR that include six major conference communications over the past several years, please contact us and we will be happy to send these to you also.


Note there is one known typing mistake in the 2008 JSM paper formulas concerning Equation 5a which should be clear from the text describing it.  A copy of that corrected equation is available upon request.


Thomas Ball's 2011 Independent Research  

Executive White Paper

2008 JSM Paper

2009 Classification Society Invited Address 


Dan Rice fields questions from some of the attendees at the SAS M2007 Conference at Caesar's Palace who stayed around after his invited address on Reduced Error Logistic Regression.

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